Woodforest Bank Hours 2024 – What time does Woodforest open & close?

Woodforest Bank Hours

In an era where each minute counts, Woodforest Bank understands the essence of aligning banking operations with the bustling rhythm of your life. Recognized for its robust presence and customer-centric approach, Woodforest Bank delivers a banking schedule that’s both flexible and convenient, tailored to support the diverse lifestyles and commitments of its clients.

With branches peppered across numerous states, Woodforest Bank is committed to being your steadfast financial ally, ready to serve you at times that best accommodate your personal and professional needs.

Keeping up with Woodforest Bank hours of operation ensures you never miss an opportunity to complete your banking tasks. In this guide, we have covered the general opening and closing times for Woodforest Bank branches, designed for your convenience.

Woodforest Bank Hours – Opening & Closing

Woodforest Bank Hours Of Operation

Staying ahead of your schedule demands a clear understanding of when you can access banking services. Woodforest Bank prides itself on offering reliable and accessible banking solutions. Here’s a snapshot of the typical operating hours you can expect at Woodforest Bank branches:

Day of the WeekWoodforest Bank Opening HoursWoodforest Bank Closing Hours
Monday10:00 AM6:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM6:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM6:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM7:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM7:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM4:00 PM
SundayVaries by locationVaries by location

For the most precise Woodforest Bank hours, including any variations from this standard schedule, we recommend using Woodforest Bank’s branch locator on their official website.

What Time Does Woodforest Bank Open?

Woodforest Bank’s opening hours are carefully considered to meet your banking requirements efficiently. The bank typically welcomes you at:

  • Woodforest Bank Opening Hours: 10:00 AM daily

What Time Does Woodforest Bank Close?

The closing times at Woodforest Bank are designed to provide ample opportunity for all your in-person banking needs. Woodforest Bank generally concludes its services at:

  • Woodforest Bank Closing Hours on Mon-Wed: 6:00 PM
  • Extended Hours on Thu-Fri: Until 7:00 PM

Woodforest Bank Saturday Hours

On Saturdays, closing times might differ, with some branches wrapping up as early as 4:00 PM, while others may offer extended hours. Always check with your local Woodforest Bank for the most current information.

  • Woodforest Bank Saturday Hours: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, offering a convenient window for your banking needs.

Woodforest Bank Sunday Hours

Sunday operations are customer-centric, with hours varying based on location to ensure community needs are met:

  • Woodforest Bank Sunday Hours: Please check with your local branch as times vary.

By keeping these hours in mind and utilizing Woodforest Bank’s digital platforms, you can manage your financial life with ease and assurance, any day of the week.

Woodforest Bank Hours Today

If today isn’t a public holiday, you can expect Woodforest Bank to maintain its dedication to customer convenience:

  • Woodforest Bank Today Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM/7:00 PM, depending on the day.

Woodforest Bank Hours Tomorrow

Planning a visit to Woodforest Bank tomorrow? Rest assured, the opening time remains steadfast:

  • Woodforest Bank Tomorrow Hours: Open from 10:00 AM, with closing times as per the usual weekday or weekend schedule.

For those in need of banking services, here are the latest hours of operation for some popular banks:

  1. Citibank Hours
  2. Chase Bank Hours
  3. Bank Of Hawaii Hours
  4. Santander Bank Hours

Woodforest Bank Holidays

Woodforest Bank Holidays

Woodforest Bank recognizes the importance of work-life balance and honors this by observing national holidays, ensuring that both staff and customers can enjoy these designated days of rest and celebration.

National HolidayDateDayWoodforest Bank Holidays
New Year’s DayJanuary 1SundayClosed
Martin Luther King DayJan 16MondayClosed
President’s DayFeb 20MondayClosed
Good Friday7 AprilFridayOperating time Different
Easter Sunday9 AprilSundayClosed
Memorial Day29 MayMondayClosed
Independence Day15 AugustTuesdayClosed
Labor Day4 SeptemberMondayClosed
Columbus Day9 OctoberMondayClosed
Veteran’s Day10 & 11 NovemberFriday, SaturdayClosed
Day before ThanksgivingNovember 22WednesdayOperating time Different
ThanksgivingNovember 23ThursdayClosed
Black FridayNovember 24FridayClosed
Christmas EveningDecember 24SundayOperating time Different
Christmas DayDecember 25MondayClosed

Please note that on specific holidays like Good Friday, Woodforest Bank may operate on a reduced schedule. To ensure you have the most accurate holiday hours, we always recommend checking the local branch or Woodforest Bank’s online resources for the latest updates.

During holidays, even when branches are taking a pause, Woodforest Bank’s commitment to accessibility doesn’t waver. We offer comprehensive online and mobile banking solutions that are available 24/7 for your convenience. These platforms are user-friendly and secure, ensuring you have uninterrupted access to banking services, even on days when branches are closed.

How To Find Woodforest Bank Hours Near Me?

How To Find Woodforest Bank Hours Near Me

Knowing the operating hours of your local Woodforest Bank branch is essential, whether you’re caught up in daily life or planning your banking tasks in advance. To find the most up-to-date hours for the Woodforest Bank branch closest to you, we suggest the following:

  1. Branch Locator: Visit Woodforest Bank’s official website and use the branch locator by entering your ZIP code, address, or city. You’ll receive a detailed list of nearby branches, complete with a map, hours of operation, and other pertinent details.
  2. Branch Details: For specific branch hours, services offered, and contact information, click on the branch of interest. This will aid in planning your banking activities effectively.
  3. Call Ahead: It’s a wise move to get in touch with the branch beforehand, especially around holidays or if you have particular banking needs. The customer service numbers provided on our website will connect you with a representative who can assist with your inquiries.

With these steps, you’re set to manage your banking seamlessly around the holidays, knowing when Woodforest Bank will be there to serve you.

Woodforest Bank Locations

Woodforest Bank Customer Service

Woodforest Bank is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. For any banking queries or detailed information, here’s how you can reach out:

  • Woodforest Bank Toll-Free:
    • 1-866-BANK-724
    • (1-866-226-5724)
  • Woodforest Bank Email: CustomerAdvocacy@woodforest.com
  • Woodforest Bank Mail: Woodforest National Bank Attn: Customer Advocacy and Resolution P.O. Box 7889, The Woodlands, TX, 77387-7889

Woodforest Bank Social Media Accounts

Follow their social media platforms for the most current information and to engage with the customer service team:

  • Facebook: Woodforest Bank on Facebook
  • Instagram: Woodforest Bank on Instagram
  • Twitter: Woodforest Bank on Twitter
  • YouTube: Woodforest Bank on YouTube
  • LinkedIn: Woodforest Bank on LinkedIn

These social media accounts are a hub for engaging with the Woodforest Bank community, getting insightful banking tips, and keeping pace with our evolving services.

Faqs About Woodforest Bank Hours

Woodforest Bank typically operates from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Thursday, and until 7:00 PM on Fridays.

Yes, many Woodforest Bank branches are open on Saturdays, usually from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, but hours may vary by location.

Sunday hours vary by location. Some branches may be open with limited hours, while others may be closed. Please use the branch locator on our website to confirm.

For the most accurate hours, we recommend using the Woodforest Bank branch locator on our official website or contacting customer support.

Yes, our online and mobile banking services are available 24/7, even on holidays, for your convenience.


Whether you’re planning your weekly banking routine or need to squeeze in a quick visit to your local branch, knowing the Woodforest Bank hours of operation is essential. With customer service at the forefront, Woodforest Bank ensures that whether it’s in person or online, your banking needs are met with convenience and reliability.

Remember to leverage our digital banking solutions for those times when you can’t make it to a branch. For any additional questions or assistance, our customer support and social media channels are readily available to provide you with the service and information you require.

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