What Grocery Stores Accept Apple Pay in 2024? – Complete List

What Grocery Stores Accept Apple Pay?

Do you often find yourself reaching for your phone instead of your wallet at checkout counters? Is the ease of tap-and-go payment something you value in your daily shopping routines? If you’re curious about how extensively Apple Pay is reshaping grocery shopping experiences, you’re in the right place. Which grocery stores have embraced this modern payment method?

In this article, we explore the integration of Apple Pay in the realm of grocery shopping, offering insights into the stores that are on board with this technology. Let’s dive in!

Which Grocery Stores Accept Apple Pay?

Before we delve into the list of grocery stores, let’s quickly understand what Apple Pay is. Developed by Apple Inc., Apple Pay is a digital wallet and mobile payment service that allows users to make payments in person, in iOS apps, and on the web. It’s known for its enhanced security and convenience, eliminating the need to carry physical cash or cards.

Apple Pay has revolutionized payment convenience in grocery shopping, with its widespread adoption across numerous stores. From large national chains to local markets, here’s a list of grocery stores that have embraced this secure and efficient payment method.

Trader Joe’s:

Known for its unique products and friendly atmosphere, Trader Joe’s offers a convenient shopping experience by accepting Apple Pay. This makes checking out quicker and more secure, especially during busy shopping hours.

Whole Foods:

As a leader in organic and natural foods, Whole Foods Market supports Apple Pay. This aligns with their modern, health-conscious brand, providing a seamless payment option for customers focused on a healthy lifestyle.


Walmart, one of the largest retail chains, accepts Apple Pay at select locations. This integration caters to the tech-savvy shopper, offering an efficient way to pay amidst their wide range of products.


Members of Costco can enjoy the added convenience of using Apple Pay. This feature enhances the shopping experience at this popular wholesale retailer, known for its bulk goods and value pricing.


Target’s adoption of Apple Pay makes shopping for fashion, home goods, and electronics even more convenient. Their commitment to technology and customer service is evident in this modern payment option.


CVS Pharmacy accepts Apple Pay, making it easier for customers to pay for prescriptions, health, and wellness products. This feature adds to the convenience of their widespread locations and services.


Aldi, known for its discount prices and quality goods, supports Apple Pay. This provides a quick and secure payment option, enhancing the efficient shopping experience Aldi is known for.

Giant Eagle:

Giant Eagle offers Apple Pay to enhance customer experience. This regional supermarket chain is known for its wide range of groceries and commitment to customer convenience.

Harvey’s Supermarket:

At Harvey’s Supermarket, customers can use Apple Pay. This regional grocery store chain, known for its fresh produce and friendly service, now offers a more efficient checkout process.


Hannaford, a supermarket known for its quality produce and meats, embraces Apple Pay. This option provides shoppers with a quick and secure way to complete their grocery transactions.


Jewel-Osco, a popular grocery chain in the Midwest, accepts Apple Pay. This adds convenience for shoppers looking for a wide selection of groceries, pharmacy products, and more.


Hy-Vee, known for its emphasis on customer service, accepts Apple Pay. This Midwestern grocery chain makes shopping easier and more secure for its customers with this payment option.


Meijer, a supercenter chain, offers Apple Pay as a payment option. This aligns with their mission to streamline the shopping process, from groceries to home goods.

Lucky Supermarkets:

Lucky Supermarkets provide the convenience of Apple Pay. This grocery chain, popular in the Western United States, enhances the shopping experience with this fast and secure payment method.


Hornbacher’s accepts Apple Pay, providing a modern payment solution to its customers. Known for its commitment to quality and community, this feature adds to the store’s appeal.


Pavilions, a premier grocery store in Southern California, accepts Apple Pay. This offers shoppers an upscale and convenient payment solution in line with their high-quality product offerings.

Market Street:

Market Street, a culinary-focused grocery store, supports Apple Pay. This allows food enthusiasts to easily pay for gourmet and everyday items.

Rite Aide:

Rite Aide, a major pharmacy chain, offers Apple Pay. This makes it easier for customers to pay for health and wellness products quickly and securely.


Randalls, part of the Albertsons family, accepts Apple Pay. This offers customers in Texas a convenient and secure way to pay for their groceries and essentials.


Safeway, a well-known grocery chain, supports Apple Pay. This enhances the shopping experience for customers looking for a variety of fresh foods and grocery items.


Raley’s, a regional grocery chain, accepts Apple Pay. Known for its commitment to health and wellness, this payment option adds to the convenience of shopping for quality groceries.

Save Mart:

Save Mart supermarkets accept Apple Pay, providing a modern payment solution for customers in California and Nevada. This adds to the convenience of their fresh and local product offerings.

Duane Reade:

Duane Reade, a popular pharmacy chain in New York, accepts Apple Pay. This adds to the convenience for urban shoppers looking for a quick and secure checkout.

Food Lion:

Food Lion, operating in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states, supports Apple Pay. This feature enhances the shopping experience for customers seeking affordability and convenience.


FoodMaxx, with its warehouse-style shopping experience, accepts Apple Pay. This adds to the convenience for shoppers looking for great deals and bulk purchases.


Bashas’, a family-owned grocery chain in Arizona, offers Apple Pay. This payment option reflects their commitment to convenience and customer service.

Beyond the List: Understanding Apple Pay’s Reach

However, the scope of Apple Pay in grocery shopping isn’t limited to just these names. This section delves into local supermarkets, emerging chains, and even online grocery platforms like Instacart and Shipt that accept Apple Pay.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay for Grocery Shopping

The adoption of Apple Pay in grocery stores is not just a trend but a reflection of its benefits:

  1. Convenience: With just a tap or glance, Apple Pay simplifies transactions.
  2. Security: Utilizing unique device account numbers and dynamic security codes, it ensures the safety of your transactions.
  3. Speed: Reduce checkout times significantly with this quick payment method.

Online Grocery Shopping with Apple Pay

The realm of online grocery shopping has also embraced Apple Pay. This section guides you through using Apple Pay for online orders, highlighting stores that offer this service and discussing the potential benefits and rewards.

FAQs: Addressing Your Queries

To set up Apple Pay, open the Wallet app on your iPhone, tap the “+” sign, and follow the prompts to add a credit or debit card. For Apple Watch, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, tap “Wallet & Apple Pay,” then tap “Add Card.” Once your card is added, you can use Apple Pay at compatible grocery stores.

Some grocery stores may offer special promotions or rewards for using Apple Pay, like discounts or loyalty points. Additionally, Apple Pay transactions are often faster and more secure, reducing the time spent at checkout and protecting your card information.

Yes, you can add multiple credit and debit cards to Apple Pay. In the Wallet app, you can choose which card to use before making a payment. This flexibility allows you to manage your finances and rewards programs effectively while shopping.

If a transaction with Apple Pay fails, first ensure your device is close to the contactless reader and that you’re using the correct card. Check for any network connectivity issues or alerts from your bank. If the problem persists, contact your bank or Apple Support for assistance.

Yes, some grocery stores run exclusive deals for Apple Pay users, such as cashback offers, additional discounts, or special promotions. Keep an eye on store announcements and your Apple Wallet app for such deals.

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