Ruth Chris Happy Hour 2024 – Timing, Menu & Locations

Ruth Chris Happy Hour

As the sun dips below the horizon, the anticipation for Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour begins to rise among the city’s socialites. The ritual of winding down the day while enjoying discounted prices on drinks and appetizers has always been a cherished tradition, but Ruth’s Chris has elevated this tradition into a daily event that locals and visitors eagerly look forward to.

The concept of happy hour has its roots embedded deep in history, yet Ruth’s Chris has brought its own modern twist to it, making the happy hour experience at their establishment a cut above the rest.

Ruth Chris Hours of Operation

Ruth Chris Hours of Operation

If you’re considering a trip to Ruth Chris for their Happy Hour specials, it’s important to be aware of their operating hours. Generally, the restaurant opens for guests during the times mentioned below, allowing you to plan your visit accordingly and ensure you don’t miss out on their delightful offerings.

Ruth Chris Dinner Hours

Day Of The WeekRuth Chris Dinner Hours
Monday4 – 10 pm
Tuesday4 – 10 pm
Wednesday4 – 10 pm
Thursday4 – 10 pm
Friday4 – 10:30 pm
Saturday4 – 10:30 pm
Sunday4 – 9 pm

Ruth Chris Bar Hours

Day Of The WeekRuth Chris Bar Hours
Monday4 – 10 pm
Tuesday4 – 10 pm
Wednesday4 – 10 pm
Thursday4 – 10 pm
Friday4 – 10:30 pm
Saturday4 – 10:30 pm
Sunday4 – 9 pm

Ruth Chris Happy Hour Timing

Ruth Chris Happy Hour Timing

To fully capitalize on the happy hour specials, arriving within the specified hours is key. To help you plan your visit, here are the times when these deals are available for your enjoyment:

Day of the WeekRuth Chris Happy Hour Times
Monday4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Thursday4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Friday4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
SaturdayVaries by location
SundayVaries by location

What time does Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour start?

The invitation to indulge in a medley of flavors begins at 4 PM, from Sunday to Friday. As the hustle of the day takes a pause, the doors of Ruth’s Chris open to a haven of culinary delights and liquid serenades.

The early evening hours are not just a time slot, but a gateway to a world where every dish is a celebration and every sip is a narrative.

What time does Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour end?

The spell of gourmet allure extends until 7 PM, offering a generous window for guests to immerse in the essence of fine dining and exquisite mixology.

This three-hour journey is not merely about enjoying discounted prices, but about experiencing a culinary theatre that leaves a lasting impression on your taste buds and hearts alike.

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Ruth Chris Happy Hour Menu

The Happy Hour menu at Ruth Chris is a testament to its commitment to quality and creativity. From the sizzling steaks to the fresh seafood selections, there’s something for everyone.

Ruth Chris Happy Hour Menu
Ruth Chris Happy Hour Menu ItemsPrice
Prime Sliders$9
Spicy Lobster$12
Crab Cake Sliders$10
Steakhouse Filet Bites$9
Roasted Garlic Mushrooms$7
Fried Shrimp$10

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

The overall customer experience at Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour is unparalleled, marked by exceptional service and an atmosphere that invites relaxation and enjoyment.


Countless testimonials attest to the unforgettable experiences that patrons have had, echoing a common sentiment of exceptional service and exquisite offerings.

Service Excellence

The dedicated staff at Ruth’s Chris go above and beyond to ensure that every guest’s experience is memorable.

Ruth Chris Customer Support

  • Official Website:
  • Contact Number: (551) 258-0013
  • Address: 83 W. Spring Valley Ave, Paramus, NJ 07607
  • Email:

Ruth Chris Social Media Accounts

Stay updated with the latest offerings and events by following Ruth’s Chris on:

FAQs About Ruth Chris Happy Hour

The Happy Hour usually starts at 4 PM and goes on till 7 PM, offering ample time for patrons to enjoy the specials.

The Happy Hour Menu is traditionally available throughout the weekdays, from Monday to Friday, though the specific hours may vary depending on the location.

The Seared Ahi Tuna, Spicy Shrimp, and the classic Ruth’s Chris steaks are highly recommended.

The dress code is generally smart casual, ensuring a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere.

While the majority of locations offer this service, it’s important to note that availability and times can differ, so checking with your local restaurant is advised.

You can visit the Ruth Chris Steak House website and use the location finder tool to find the nearest location.


Ruth’s Chris Happy Hour is a fusion of elegance and comfort, offering guests a memorable experience with its exquisite menu and sophisticated ambiance. Available on weekdays from 4 PM to 7 PM, with variable weekend hours, it’s an ideal choice for both casual and special occasions.

Renowned for excellent service and a diverse menu, it stands out as a must-visit for those seeking a premium happy hour experience. For the latest updates and locations, Ruth’s Chris’s website and social media are the go-to resources.

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