Lazy Dog Happy Hour 2024 – Timing, Menu & Locations

Lazy Dog Happy Hour

Looking for a great place to relax and enjoy some deals after a long day? Lazy Dog’s Happy Hour is just the thing for you. In California, Lazy Dog is known for its comfy, cabin-like feel, and their Happy Hour makes it even better.

During Happy Hour at Lazy Dog, you can get delicious food and drinks at really friendly prices. It’s the perfect time to chill with friends or family in a place that makes you feel right at home.

So, if you want to unwind and save some money on tasty eats, Lazy Dog’s Happy Hour is waiting for you. With good vibes and great deals, it’s a favorite spot for many. Come see why everyone loves these hours so much!

Lazy Dog Hours of Operation

The doors of Lazy Dog welcome patrons with a promise of hearty meals and effervescent drinks. The operational hours are as follows:

  • Monday – Friday: 11:00 am – midnight
  • Saturday + Sunday: 10:00 am – midnight

Lazy Dog Happy Hour Timing

Lazy Dog Happy Hour Timing

Arriving during the designated times is key to experiencing the best of the happy hour offerings. Here are the hours when you can indulge in these deals:

Day of the WeekLazy Dog Happy Hour Starting TimeHappy Hour Lazy Dog Ending Time
Monday3 PM6 PM
Tuesday3 PM6 PM
Wednesday3 PM6 PM
Thursday3 PM6 PM
Friday3 PM6 PM
Saturday9 PMclose
Sunday9 PMclose

With distinct timings, Lazy Dog ensures that the spirit of Happy Hour is alive every day, catering to both the early birds and the night owls.

  • Monday to Friday: 3 PM – 6 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: 9 PM – close

What time does Lazy Dog Happy Hour start?

The respite from a long day begins at 3 PM on weekdays and a night of fun kicks off at 9 PM on weekends.

What time does Lazy Dog Happy Hour end?

The joyous hours extend till 6 PM on weekdays, while on weekends, the good times roll on till the doors close.

Lazy Dog Happy Hour in Different Locations

Locations in the
Lazy Dog Weekday Happy Hour TimingLazy Dog Weekend Happy Hour Timing
California3 PM – 6 PM9 PM – close
Colorado4 PM – 6 PM9 PM – close
Florida3 PM – 6 PM9 PM – close
Illinois3 PM – 6 PM9 PM – close
Maryland3 PM – 6 PM9 PM – close
Nevada3 PM – 6 PM9 PM – close
Texas3 PM – 6 PM9 PM – close

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Lazy Dog Happy Hour Menu With Latest Prices

Lazy Dog Happy Hour Menu

The allure of the evening begins with the onset of Happy Hour at Lazy Dog, where an ensemble of culinary delights and spirited beverages await. The menu, meticulously curated, promises a gastronomic adventure that’s gentle on the wallet. Here’s a tabulated view of the treasures that unfold during the Happy Hour:

Lazy Dog Happy Hour Menu ItemPrice
Appetizing Beginnings:
Spacedust Wings$8
Mini Corn Dogs + Fries$6
Goat Cheese + Pepper Jelly$7
Street Corn Fries$7
Cajun Fries$5
Fried Hush Puppies$6
Sweet Potato Tots$6
Heartier Fare:
Buffalo Chicken Nuggets$8
Bacon Candy$7
Buffalo Wings$9
Dirty Dog$8
Vegetarian Delights:
Buffalo Cauliflower$7
Togarashi Edamame Beans$5
Queso Dip$7
Unbeatable Beverage Specials:
All 16oz + 22oz draft beers$1 off
House Beer SamplerN/A
Chardonnay (Flat Rock)$4
Cabernet Sauvignon$4
Lunazul Reposado Margarita$4
Blue Hawaiian$4
Pitcher of Sangria$15
Late Night Exclusives (After 9 PM):
All-American Burger (Quarter Pound, A La Carte)$9
Waffle-Cut Parmesan Chips$6

The Lazy Dog Happy Hour Menu is a voyage of flavors, textures, and joyful memories waiting to be made. While the prices are friendly, the experience is rich and invigorating, ensuring every visit is a celebration of good times. It’s advisable to check with your local Lazy Dog for the most precise prices and offerings, as they may vary slightly by location.

Lazy Dog Happy Hour Near Me

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Stay connected and catch the latest updates on Happy Hour specials through Lazy Dog’s official pages:

FAQs About Lazy Dog Happy Hour

The latest menu boasts new concoctions and appetizers that are bound to tickle the taste buds.

The core timings are consistent, yet there might be slight variations based on state regulations and location-specific preferences.

While reservations are not mandatory, it’s advisable to book a spot during peak hours or weekends to avoid waiting.

The late-night menu is a staple at most locations, ensuring the night is always young at Lazy Dog.

Membership or loyalty programs often come with exclusive deals and early notifications on specials, enhancing the Happy Hour experience.


The Lazy Dog Happy Hour is a celebration of good times, exquisite meals, and the joy of community. Each visit is not just a meal, but an expedition into a realm where every hour is happy.

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