Kona Grill Happy Hour 2024 – Timing, Menu & Locations

Kona Grill Happy Hour

The lure of a good deal paired with exceptional gastronomy has always been hard to resist. When you mix that with the right kind of ambiance, you get a trifecta that’s hard to beat. That’s where Kona Grill shines, especially during the happy hours. Let’s hike down the memory lane a bit to see how Kona Grill has emerged as the place to be, especially when the sun is setting.

Kona Grill isn’t merely a restaurant; it’s a tradition, a community hub where bonds are forged over shared meals and stories are exchanged amidst the gentle clinking of glasses. The journey began with a mission to offer a comforting space for people to unwind, relish exquisite meals, and cherish the company of good friends. Fast forward to 2024, Kona Grill stands tall as a testament to exceptional culinary artistry and heartwarming hospitality.

Kona Grill Hours of Operation

Kona Grill Hours Of Operation

Planning to enjoy Happy Hour at Kona Grill? Make sure to check their opening hours first. Olive Garden usually opens for its patrons at the following times:

Brunch Hours

Day of the WeekBrunch Hours
Saturday10 am – 2 pm
Sunday10 am – 2 pm

Dining Hours

Day of the WeekDining Hours
Monday11 am – 12 am
Tuesday11 am – 12 am
Wednesday11 am – 12 am
Thursday11 am – 12 am
Friday11 am – 1 am
Saturday10 am – 1 am
Sunday10 am – 11 pm

Kona Grill Happy Hour Timing

Kona Grill Happy Hour Timing

The happy hour at Kona Grill is the talk of the town, and for good reason. It’s a time when the Grill transforms into a hub of excitement, offering deals that are hard to pass up.

Kona Grill Happy Hour usually kicks off as the office hours wind down, providing a perfect respite for the urban dwellers. The exact timings may vary, but the spirit of happy hour remains unaltered.

To fully benefit from Kona Grill happy hour offerings, it’s important to be present during the specific times set. Here are the hours during which you can take advantage of these specials:

Day of the WeekKona Grill Early Happy HourKona Grill Late Night Happy Hour
Monday2 pm – 6 pm9 pm – Close
Tuesday2 pm – 6 pm9 pm – Close
Wednesday2 pm – 6 pm9 pm – Close
Thursday2 pm – 6 pm9 pm – Close
Friday2 pm – 6 pm9 pm – Close

What time does Kona Grill Happy Hour start?

What time does Kona Grill Happy Hour end?

Kona Grill Late-Night Happy Hour

The celebration of flavors doesn’t end as the night descends. Kona Grill’s late-night happy hour, starting from 9 pm till closing and extending till 11:59 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, is a nocturnal charm.

Reduced prices on select food and beverages ensure the merriment continues under the moon’s and stars’ soft glow.

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  2. Lazy Dog Happy Hour
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Kona Grill Happy Hour Menu with Latest Prices

Kona Grill Happy Hour Menu

Embark on a flavorful journey with the Kona Grill happy hour menu. Each dish and drink is a narrative, telling tales of diverse cultures and culinary traditions. From the refreshing tingle of a Bud Light Draft priced at a modest $3.75 to the sophisticated allure of a Titos Martini at $7.75, the beverage selections are tailored to satiate diverse preferences.

The food menu is a gourmet’s delight, featuring many options. Indulge in the half-off select rolls or delve into a sushi adventure with offerings ranging between $6.75 to $8.50. Every bite is a celebration of flavors, a tribute to the art of cooking.

Kona Grill Happy Hour ItemHappy Hour PriceDetails
Bud Light Draft$3.75A refreshing draft beer.
Sam Adams$4.25A flavorful beer option.
HH Wines$5.75A variety of selected wines.
Margarita$5.25A classic, refreshing cocktail.
Old Fashioned$6.25A timeless and flavorful drink.
Titos Martini$7.75A sophisticated choice.
Mules$7.00A zesty and refreshing option.
Select Rolls1/2 OffA range of delicious rolls.
Sushi$6.75 to $8.50An assortment of sushi options.

Kona Grill Happy Hours Menu Near Me

The Ambiance

Kona Grill has an ambiance that resonates with the spirit of celebration. It’s not just about eating and drinking; it’s about enjoying each moment.

Seating Arrangement

The seating arrangement blends coziness and elegance, ensuring comfort while you dine and wine.

Musical Vibe

The musical vibe is always upbeat, resonating with the chatter and laughter that fills the air.

The Crowd

Regulars at Kona Grill

Kona Grill has a loyal clientele that swears by its happy hour deals. They are the living testimony to the Grill’s enduring appeal.

What Makes Them Come Back

It’s the combination of great deals, a welcoming atmosphere, and the promise of a good time that keeps the regulars coming back.

FAQs About Kona Grill Happy Hour

Yes, there are vegetarian options available to cater to diverse dietary preferences.

Yes, outdoor seating is available for patrons to enjoy the happy hour offerings amidst nature.

Signature offerings include a variety of sushi, select rolls, and a range of cocktails including the classic Margarita and the timeless Old Fashioned.

The happy hour menu is curated to provide a diverse range of options, though the availability of certain items may vary.


Kona Grill’s happy hour is not just a meal deal; it’s an invitation to celebrate life’s small victories with good food, great drinks, and even better company. It’s a tradition that’s become a part of the city’s fabric, making evenings a little more special.

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