JCPenney Hours 2024 & JCPenney Holidays Hours

JCPenney Hours

JCPenney, a household name in the world of retail, boasts a vast network of stores across the United States. Whether you’re a regular shopper or a first-time visitor, knowing the operating hours of JC Penney is essential for a seamless shopping experience.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of JCPenney store hours, provide tips on finding the nearest JCPenney location, and share insights into associate working hours.

What time does JC Penney open?

JCPenney stores typically open their doors at 11:00 am.

However, please keep in mind that operating hours may vary depending on your location and the day of the week. It’s always advisable to double-check with your local JCPenney store for their specific opening hours.

What time does JC Penney close?

The closing hours at JC Penney stores can differ by location.

Generally, on weekdays and Saturdays, most stores close around 8 or 9 PM, while on Sundays, they close a bit earlier, around 6 PM.

However, it’s crucial to note that variations may occur, especially during holidays or special events. To find the precise closing time for your nearest JC Penney store, you can visit the JC Penney website and utilize their store locator tool.

JCPenney Hours of Operation

JCPenney Hours of Operation

Here’s an overview of the standard opening and closing hours for JC Penney stores:

Day of the WeekJCPenney Store Hours
Monday11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Tuesday11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Wednesday11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Thursday11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday10:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Monday to Thursday: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

What time Does JCPenney Open on Saturday?

If you’re planning a Saturday shopping expedition, it’s essential to be aware that JCPenney’s Saturday hours can vary depending on the store’s location.

Most stores tend to open at 10 AM and close at 9 PM, giving shoppers ample time to explore the diverse offerings.

JC Penney’s Closing Hours on Saturday are 9:00 PM

What time Does JCPenney open on Sunday?

On Sundays, JC Penney stores usually welcome customers at 12 PM and bid adieu at 6 PM.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the exact hours might fluctuate depending on your location. To ensure you don’t miss out on fantastic deals, it’s advisable to verify the operating hours of your local JC Penney store through the official website or a quick call.

JCPenney Store hours for Sunday Closing is 6:00 PM

JCPenney Hours Today

Determining the current operating hours of JC Penney stores is a breeze. Simply visit their website or use their app to access the most up-to-date information about store hours at your nearest location.

For those with a flair for variety in shopping destinations, here are the operational hours of other stores:

  1. Ross Hours
  2. Shoprite Hours
  3. Joann Fabrics Hours
  4. Tractor Supply Hours

JCPenney Holidays Hours

JCPenney Holidays Hours

During holidays, JC Penney may modify its hours of operation. Here’s a comprehensive list of holiday hours:

National HolidaysDateDayJCPenney Holidays Hours
New Year’s Day1st JanSunday12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Martin Luther King Day16th JanMonday11:00 am – 8:00 pm
President’s Day20th FebMonday11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Good Friday7th AprilFriday10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Easter9th AprilSundayClosed
Cinco de Mayo5th MayFriday10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Mother’s Day14th MaySunday12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Memorial Day29th MayMonday11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Father’s Day18th JuneSunday12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Independence Day4th JulyTuesday11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Labor Day4th SepMonday11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Columbus Day9th OctMonday11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Halloween Day31st OctTuesday11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Veteran’s Day11th NovSaturday10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Day Before Thanksgiving22nd NovWednesdayHours may vary
Thanksgiving23rd NovThursdayClosed
Black Friday24th NovFriday10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Christmas Eve24th DecSunday12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Christmas Day25th DecMondayClosed
New Year’s Eve31st DecSundayHours may vary

How to Find JCPenney Hours Near Me?

How to Find JCPenney Hours Near Me

In today’s digital era, finding JCPenney hours is a breeze. Here’s how to determine the operating hours of your nearest JCPenney location:

  1. JCPenney Official Website: The most reliable source for JCPenney hours is their official website. Navigate to their store locator tool, input your zip code or city, and you’ll be presented with a list of nearby locations, complete with their operating hours.
  2. JCPenney Mobile App: If you have their app installed on your smartphone, it’s even easier. The application is designed to provide users with store locations based on their current location and will also display the hours of operation for each store.
  3. Search Engines: Utilizing platforms like Google or Bing can also yield quick results. Just type “JCPenney hours near me” into the search bar, and you should see a list of nearby JCPenney locations, often accompanied by their opening and closing times.
  4. Direct Call: Sometimes, the old-fashioned way works best. If you’re aware of a JCPenney store nearby, give them a quick call. The staff can provide you with the most accurate and updated information regarding their hours, especially during holiday seasons or special sale events.

Using one of these methods, you’ll align your JCPenney visit with their hours for smooth shopping. Remember, hours can change due to holidays or events, so always double-check before you go.

JCPenney Hours Near Me

JCPenney’s Customer Service

JCPenney's Customer Service

Customers can get in touch with JCPenny using the information below.

JCPenney Social Media Accounts

What’s the availability of JCPenney’s helpline team?

You can typically reach JCPenney’s customer support during standard store hours. However, during specific holidays, there might be some exceptions. Their team can be contacted through various channels, including phone and email, during these times.

FAQs About JCPenney Hours

Yes, JC Penney often extends its store hours during the holiday season to accommodate increased shopper traffic. To be certain, it’s best to check with your local JC Penney store for specific holiday hours.

In general, JCPenney’s full-time employees are scheduled for 40 hours a week. Nonetheless, hours can differ depending on the specific role and store location.

Not necessarily. JC Penney hours can fluctuate based on the store’s location and other factors. It’s always a good practice to verify timings with the particular JCPenney store you intend to visit.

No, JCPenney doesn’t run any outlets that are open 24 hours a day. Their stores abide by a standard operational schedule, though it can vary by location.

JC Penney’s online store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you want to order products, track your package, or need online support, their digital services are always at your fingertips.

On big sale days like Black Friday, JCPenney usually adjusts its store hours to manage the expected rush. It’s best to inquire directly with your nearest location or check their official website for such details.

JCPenney was founded on April 14, 1902, by James Cash Penney.

JCPenney offers services and products like home furnishings, jewelry, cosmetics, and cookware.


With the provided details on JCPenney hours, you’re now equipped to schedule your shopping trips effectively. Whether you’re picking up a new outfit, furnishing your home, or just browsing, JCPenney’s diverse range and accommodating store hours ensure you have a seamless shopping experience.

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